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My body is a reservoir And you the rain Released by a clap of thunder We met in a flash of lightning When darkness fell I swelled Our senses bleeding into one Yet parting naturally like morning dew When hours … Continue reading

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The Night of Typhoon Tokage

Would you have kissed me back: The night of Typhoon Tokage? I don’t remember what we said, Only the stiff cotton and hard bedsprings; The winds swirling, sealing me under Your purple inflight blanket, The rhythm of your words falling … Continue reading

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Amoeba on Telegraph

Amoeba on Telegraph Somewhere above the Arabian Sea I hear the clap of the tambourine, Reversing time, and you’re calling me; It’s after school, we’re eighteen again And I wonder, do you remember You taught me Belle & Sebastian here. … Continue reading

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Red Light Mumbai

Red Light Mumbai Toothless, brittle, clad in rags She clutches her Belly of bones. Horn! Ok! Please! One rupee please, just one rupee She knocks from glass to glass Hungry, she moans, her voice Silent, just like The flaccid, glazed-eyed … Continue reading

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